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5 reasons why The Undertaker is overrated

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The Undertaker
The greatest wrestler of all time... Really?

The Undertaker is often billed as the greatest performer in WWE history. His over two-decade-long career has dominated weekly television and annual WrestleManias. The WWE has a history of making average look good, and there’s no better example than the case of The Undertaker.  

The Phenom seemingly hung up his boots at Wrestlemania 33, as he was defeated in the main event by Roman Reigns. As emotional as that segment was, many fans across the world breathed a huge sigh of relief as he sluggishly retreated down the aisle. Why? Because they know what I know, the Undertaker is a seriously overrated WWE performer.

Here are five reasons why the Undertaker is overrated. 

#5 Needed elite level talent to make him look good

Taker with Michaels and Hunter at Wrestlemania 28
The Undertaker has won 23 matches at Wrestlemania

When a wrestler can only have meaningful matches against elite talents, it doesn’t say much for their own ability. Look at John Cena, any match he has on PPV, is a main event worthy, regardless of his opponent. Over the past two decades, the Undertaker has wrestled every top talent in the industry. Why? Because he’s needed their momentum to sustain his standing in the company.

"The Phenom" has wrestled Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Batista, Stone Cold, The Rock & Mick Foley in high-profile matches. These are all amazing talents that put their bodies on the line just to make the Undertaker look good. When you look at all the best matches he’s had, the only things he contributed were kick-outs. These talents raised their game for him, as they knew his ceiling was already limited. 

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