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5 Reasons why the Women's Championship match shouldn’t happen at Hell in a Cell

How will the Hell in a Cell match between Sasha Banks and Charlotte affect the women's division in WWE?

Top 5 / Top 10 17 Oct 2016, 07:10 IST
Sasha Banks and Charlotte are headed toward a historic match at Hell in a Cell

It’s finally happening. History will be made when Charlotte and Sasha Banks get in the steel structure of Hell in a Cell and battle for the WWE World’s Title. As some would say, this is long overdue and a long time coming.

It could also be the biggest mistake the company has ever made. While I get the idea of this happening and agree the feud between these two women is bigger than anything in WWE right now, should it culminate in the Hell in a Cell structure?

For the diehard wrestling fan, it’s something they have waited for. It’s bigger than Trish Stratus and Lita. It’s bigger than AJ Styles and John Cena. It’s the biggest thing to happen in the company this year. It might be the right time, but the finality of it might be for the wrong reason.

What happens when the Genetically Superior Athlete gets in the ring with The Boss? How does this change their relationship in the ring and the women’s division in wrestling, period? How does this stack up against men who have made this structure their personal playgrounds for decades? They’re all great questions with plenty of answers to be had.

What we do know is professional wrestling more than likely will never be the same after the pay-per-view. I’m of the opinion this should not happen with steel all around. Here are five reasons why this is a bad idea.

#5 Let there be no blood

Don’t count on their being bloodshed at Hell in a Cell

One of the underlying premises of this kind of match – no matter what era wrestlers perform in, is the notion that there will be blood. You cannot escape it as the ring itself becomes a weapon.

I doubt seriously – actually, I can guarantee – there won’t be blood in this match. While the idea of this concept works to settle a score, the men who get in this structure are more vicious and more brutal. We have never seen an actual street fight between females with this kind of match. The fact neither will bleed could be a bad thing.

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