5 Reasons why the WWE 24/7 Championship is dead on arrival

What The Hell
What The Hell
Karan Bedi

Wait, did we get another title? What's going on? What's it going to be? Is it something really fresh and exciting? The short answer is no. It's isn't. When Mick Foley strode out to the ring with the title in his bag, there was true anticipation. Most of the WWE Universe waited as Foley revealed the title...and it was not what people were anticipating.

Considering it was Mick Foley, most people would rightly assume that this was going to be the reintroduction of the WWE Hardcore Championship as Mick Foley was the first ever Hardcore champion. Sadly, this was not the case.

This would make the 24/7 championship the 11th WWE championship to exist in the WWE and Mick Foley started things off with a comedic scramble that perhaps had the most irrevalant WWE Superstars to come out and grab the championship. The title will be defended anywhere at any time in any place. It could be WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown, WWE NXT and/or WWE NXT UK.

Does this excite the young fan in me? Not really. It doesn't. But that opinion is going to differ from person to person so that It would be wrong to say that this is the consensus of every WWE fan out there. So, to get into it further, here are 5 reasons why the WWE 24/7 Championship is DOA.

#5 Horrible Title Design

First Impression is important
First Impression is important

Look at that title. It's shiny. It's green. But it has no soul. In professional wrestling, on some level, it's about presentation. Maybe, it's the manufactured nature of the whole thing. The design is similar to how people felt when the WWE Universal Championship was revealed. Ironically, Mick Foley was part of that unveiling as well. The crowd certainly made their voices heard.

For the most part, the title design has been a problem in WWE for a while now. Right now, it could be argued that the best Championship design has to be the WWE Championship and the maybe the WWE Intercontinental Championship as they still comes across as a serious title. But then again, the designs are not in the same league as past championships.

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