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5 reasons why there will never be another Undertaker

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The Undertaker
The figures say it all!

It's pretty common when the WWE is building up some young talent that they compare them to an established name or a legend of the professional wrestling industry. You can almost hear the annoying voice of Michael Cole proclaiming someone to be the next John Cena.

To be fair to the WWE, though, a lot of WWE superstars can indeed be replaced by younger versions of themselves. After all, isn't that what the company has been trying to do by having Roman Reigns geared up as Cena's replacement for the years ahead?

But, no matter which other superstars can be replaced, there can never be someone who can live up to the legacy of The Undertaker. So, without any further ado, here is our list of five reasons why there will never be another Undertaker:

#5 He was a big man who could do it all in the ring

The Undertaker
He knew how to use his size to his advantage

Most big men in the professional wrestling business tend to use their size and little else. Not, The Undertaker, though. Don't get me wrong, he certainly knew how to use his size, but that was just one weapon in his arsenal.

He was a very gifted wrestler technically and even showed off some impressive athleticism on a number of occasions. But, his greatest strength was his striking ability which earned him the status of The Best Striker in Wrestling.

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