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5 reasons why Triple H taking over WWE is "best for business"

Amit Shukla
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04 Aug 2018, 19:29 IST

Passing The Torch
WWE boss Vince McMahon could be passing the torch to Triple H very soon

Vince K. McMahon bought the company from his father Vincent J. McMahon in 1982 after establishing Titan Sports, Inc., with his wife Linda McMahon in 1980. It has been his constant effort to make the WWE (then-WWF) a success, and he has achieved it with the assist from his amazing writers and staff over the years.

While the WWE of old had a certain amount of non-PG content, the company now creates PG content so that it can be suitable for family viewing. Over the years, the company has made changes in the words it uses both on and off the screen, as well as multiple policies like drug-tests which were also implemented during Vince's tenure as the chairman of the board.

The company has reached new and greater heights and is in the wish-list of any wrestler worldwide. Although all of this sounds so good, we must never take away the fact that over the years certain executive decisions have also fumed fans--the latest being the excessive push accorded to Roman Reigns.

Vince's daughter Stephanie and son Shane have taken the knowledge from him and helped in the overall growth of the company over the years, with WWE Network being Stephanie's idea.

Besides, his son-in-law "The Game" Triple H learned a lot from him, and it is his vision that has made NXT the most popular show in the WWE with people now gravitating more towards the yellow brand as well as cheering for the NXT superstars.

It has lately been in the news that when Vince moves on from WWE, Triple H would take his place to run the day-to-day operations. That, in turn, makes us more happy about this transition and here are the reasons why:

#5 Part-Timers get less push

Nobody is Next
Nobody is Next

Do you remember the time when WWE decided to push both Brock Lesnar and a returning Goldberg as the next big thing, and their match at Wrestlemania 33 was hyped to great levels?

This hype took away the shine from the efforts that other deserving superstars put forth during the buildup to Wrestlemania 33, and we saw a match that didn't catch a lot of attention.


With Triple H in power, we would see a lot of full-timers and deserving superstars get their opportunities and meaningful storylines.

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