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5 reasons why Vince McMahon won't let Brock Lesnar cash in on Raw 

Ishaan Sharma
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Published Jun 02, 2019
Jun 02, 2019 IST

Here are 5 reasons why the cash in won
Here are 5 reasons why the cash in won't happen this week on Raw

Brock Lesnar, since winning the Money in the Bank briefcase, has changed completely. He is not acting the way he would usually and has also learned some new dance moves. But nothing has changed permanently though. The Beast we are seeing right now would waste no time showing his perilous side to the WWE Universe.

On May 31, Stephanie McMahon announced via Twitter that the McMahon family would punish Lesnar and Heyman for disrespecting WWE. Later, Heyman informed the fans that The Beast would be cashing in on the Raw before WWE Super ShowDown. Both parties will be present in the building and we could expect some exciting drama.

Even though it is now confirmed that Lesnar is going to cash in on Raw, there is no guarantee that he will. It has happened before; WWE promised something and then didn’t keep it. In this article, we will look at five reasons why Vince McMahon won't let Brock Lesnar cash on Monday Night Raw.

#5 Brock Lesnar is coming to Raw but for boosting ratings and not for cashing in the briefcase

Will Lesnar exit without cashing in?
Will Lesnar exit without cashing in?

The former Universal Champion was present on last week’s Raw and wanted to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. When Lesnar’s advocate Paul Heyman read the contract’s legal terms, The Beast learned a new rule - that he has a whole year to cash in his briefcase.

Then, he took the mic and laughed at Rollins, and told him that the cash in would not happen now (perhaps a year later). And suddenly now, he decided to use the briefcase, which might be another swerve Lesnar is pulling.

Heyman and Stephanie’s announcement has started a heated discussion online and it means that more fans will be watching next Raw, which is what WWE wants from us. They might want Lesnar to keep the briefcase with himself and it’s why he could deflect from his words.

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Modified Dec 20, 2019
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