5 Reasons Why Vince McMahon Won’t Let Triple H Take Over Anytime Soon

  • There's on secret that Triple H is planned to take on many of Vince McMahon's responsibilities someday. Don't expect it too soon, though.
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Modified 08 May 2019, 08:30 IST

Triple H has the respect of fans and Superstars, but is Vince McMahon going to give him the reins anytime soon?
Triple H has the respect of fans and Superstars, but is Vince McMahon going to give him the reins anytime soon?

The writing is on the wall. For years, it had been well established that when Vince McMahon steps down or passes on, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon will take over WWE. They’re already lower players in senior management. The general understanding is that Stephanie will take the reins on business dealings and marketing, while the King of Kings will take over on talent and creative.

The creative piece, in particular, is of chief interest to fans. Given how well NXT has come across under Triple H’s leadership, and all the more so how uneven main roster booking has seemed, plenty of fans are clamoring for that transition to happen soon.

Despite having a competent son in law ready to take his place, it’s not entirely clear Vince will actually ride off into the sunset in the immediate future. This article takes a look at five reasons why he may not hand over power to The Game anytime soon.

#5 The god complex

Vince McMahon loves to be in control.
Vince McMahon loves to be in control.

Vince McMahon’s kayfabe persona once acted as though he were a god, inventing the McMahonism religion to prod at born again Shawn Michaels. While the gimmick was, at the least, an exaggeration of how McMahon sees himself and acts, there have been those who’ve suggested McMahon calls the WWE his Universe because he likes the idea of being the god of something and having complete control over everyone who exists under his domain.

It’s a hard thing to give up the kind of control Vince McMahon has enjoyed over WWE for over thirty-five years. This is particularly so when he’s a notorious workaholic and micromanager. To go from such a dominant, powerful figure to a businessman pursuing other ventures, much less a retiree, likely goes far beyond his comfort zone. Would McMahon even know who he was if he were not the head of WWE? It’s for all of these reasons that the theory he’ll remain in control of his company until he dies has gained so much traction.

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Published 08 May 2019, 08:30 IST
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