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5 reasons why WWE owes more than this to Kane

That's gotta be Kane!

The Big Red Machine deserves more than this

 Over the years, many Superstars have come and gone in WWE, but only a select few have ever been able to tough it out and have a career within the company that has lasted beyond a decade. One such wrestler that falls into this category is none other than Kane who has now endured a monstrous 20 years under the guidance of Vince McMahon.

Throughout his career we’ve seen Kane engage in a number of fascinating storylines, however, for every Hell in a Cell debut, there’s a Katie Vick or a Corporate Kane lurking around every corner. Despite this, the former World Champion has always been the ultimate professional, and that’s an incredibly commendable trait in today’s wrestling landscape.

Unfortunately, WWE isn't really affording Kane the respect that he deserves, barely even mentioning his name on WWE television over the last few months. Sure he’s been off doing other things, and we’ll get to that – but if anything those other projects should warrant a sign of recognition from the company that he’s given so much to over the years.

With all of that being said, here are five reasons why WWE owes more than this to Kane.

#1 Longevity

Few men can match Kane’s longevity

When it comes to making a lasting impact in the wrestling business, there aren’t too many guys who can claim to have had a longer tenure in WWE than Kane. Through hell and high water (pun not intended) he’s managed to stay relevant to the point where twenty years on, fans still pop at hearing his fiery entrance all around the world.

He’s managed to keep himself in great shape for the most part, which is staggering considering how much he must have gone through over the last two decades. At the age of 49 years old, he’s still going strong despite having some time off recently, with the majority of wrestlers at that age usually hitting the retirement button.

Please, for the love of god, take off the suit.

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