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5 Reasons WWE made a mistake by firing Big Cass, and 5 Reasons it was the right decision.

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Big Cass was let go by the WWE. Was it the right move for the company to make, or did Cass still have more to offer?

Things have evolved for WWE recently, but it is still a promotion that loves big men. Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, even the middle-aged Kane all enjoy protected status on the roster due mostly to their size and musculature.

However, just being big doesn't guarantee success in the WWE. Otherwise, Giant Gonzales, Silva, and Bastion Booger would have all been multi-time world champions instead of the footnotes in history they became.

Recently, WWE chose to release William Morrisey, better known as Big Cass. Was it a mistake to let him go, or was it the right decision on the company's part?

Here are five reasons it was a mistake, and five it was not.

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Mistake: Big Cass could end up a star in a rival promotion.

Bobby Lashley enjoyed a massive push when he left WWE for TNA.
Bobby Lashley enjoyed a massive push when he left WWE for TNA.

Big Cass may not have been a huge star in WWE, but he was still a name many recognized. Cass could end up in TNA/Impact or possibly even New Japan just on the strength of his name recognition alone.

Sometimes wrestlers can get a good push to the top just by switching to a rival promotion. It happened with Christian Cage and Bobby Lashley, and it could happen for Big Cass as well.

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