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5 Reasons WWE should have brought back the Hardcore Championship instead of creating the 24/7 title

Mike Chin
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The 24/7 title has about the same rules as the old Hardcore Championship. Why not bring back the old title?
The 24/7 title has about the same rules as the old Hardcore Championship. Why not bring back the old title?

On the May 20 edition of WWE Monday Night RAW, Mick Foley made a rare appearance, there to introduce a new championship to the WWE Universe.

While some fans suspected the return of the Hardcore Championship, given Foley’s history with that title and his moniker as the Hardcore Legend, others speculated about something along the lines of a legends’ title that part time stars might compete for and that might add some stakes to The Undertaker’s collision with Goldberg at the upcoming Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia.

In the end, the folks looking for the Hardcore title sort of got what they wanted. The new 24/7 title seems to in many ways be an updated version of that title, on the line at all times and across brands.

However, from the belt design, to its name, to the less than distinguished cast of wrestlers who came to the ring in an effort to obtain it, the title immediately seemed to have fallen flat. This article at five reasons why WWE should have brought back the Hardcore title instead.

#5 A Better Belt

The 24/7 belt isn't pretty
The 24/7 belt isn't pretty

Belt design preferences are largely a matter of personal taste. Nonetheless, nobody seemed all that fond of the aesthetic presentation of the 24/7 title.

To be fair, some of that may be as simple as giving fans a chance to get used to it, but from the large numbers on the face of the plate to the green strap, the title does look unconventional to say the least, if not outright ugly.

The Hardcore Championship wasn’t a pretty title, but that was largely by design as it was meant to look beaten and busted to represent the Hardcore division and its rules. The title started as a salvaged throwaway belt and was since subject to constant defense as wrestlers battled in non-traditional settings.

Bringing back even a more polished Hardcore Championship would have readily appealed more to fans and spares us from a title that looks as though WWE overthought its design, only to wind up with a dud.

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