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5 reasons WWE should turn Sasha Banks heel

'The Boss' isn't a babyface gimmick in the first place.

‘The Boss’ as a heel is best for business

With 2016 coming to a close, there is only one more PPV to take place on WWE’s calendar, Roadblock: End of the Line. At the event, Sasha Banks will face Charlotte in a 30-minute iron man match, with Banks’ Women’s championship on the line.

Although the Banks/Charlotte rivalry has arguably dragged on too long, their match on December 18th still looks plausible to steal the show.

While Banks has had an incredible year as top women’s babyface on Raw, winning the Women’s Championship three times and main eventing two Raws and a PPV, a heel turn should be considered for ‘The Boss’ sooner rather than later, and there are plenty of reasons why. Here are five reasons WWE should turn Sasha Banks heel.

#5 Her promos will be better

Banks’ main roster promos haven’t been as good as her ones in NXT

While Banks’ babyface promos haven’t been bad, they haven’t been her best work. Sure, the crowd reacts favourably every time Banks speaks, but that is due to their love for ‘The Boss’ rather than her ability.

Often relying on the same stereotypes of ‘I’ve been dreaming about this since I was a WWE fan as a girl’, or ‘I want to be the best, to make history’, Banks’ promos haven’t been as strong as needed from a top babyface.

However, going back and watching her heel promos in NXT, it is obvious that ‘The Boss’ is a natural heel on the mic, and her best work as a talker has yet to be seen on the main roster due to her babyface status for the entirety of 2016.

While promos aren’t as important as in-ring work these days (just ask Roman Reigns), it would be dumb of WWE to not utilise Banks’ obvious ability as a heel on the mic in the near future.

Check out a stellar promo from Banks as a heel in NXT:

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