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5 recent WWE pay-per-views with disappointing endings

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Do not disparage the entire show
Do not disparage the entire show

It has been a common occurrence in the past few years, seeing WWE book a solid pay-per-view only for the ending to leave a sour taste in people's mouths. For most fans, the quality of an event is measured by its ending, as that is the last thing they see. It may or may not be a fair way to judge, depending on the other things that happened on the show.

There have been instances aplenty where the finish to a pay-per-view did not represent the quality of the two and a half hours preceding it. These shows were generally a decent main event away from being remembered fondly in the eyes of the fans. But poor booking prevailed in these cases, leaving fans to take their frustration out on the entire show instead of just the main event in question.

Here are five perfectly decent pay-per-view events from the past couple of years that ended up disappointing fans due to a bad ending.

#5 Hell in a Cell 2019

A huge mistake in hindsight
A huge mistake in hindsight

WWE has been pretty consistent in booking pay-per-view events this year, with most of them being good. But last weekend's Hell in a Cell show was a weird one. Half of the card was announced hours before it started, but it did start off well. Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch tore the house down inside the steel structure in what was possibly the best women's match in WWE this year. 

The rest of the show was decent, even with a couple of so-and-so matches with minimal build and excitement. However, the main event is the one thing that the fans remember the most. Seth Rollins defended his Universal Championship against "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt inside the Cell, and the match ended in utterly bizarre fashion.

The match was stopped on account of Rollins beating the Fiend up too much, which makes zero sense in a Hell in a Cell match. The fans completely turned on the show once the bell sounded for the end of the match. It was horrible, and while the Fiend can still be salvaged, this ending has killed both the Hell in a Cell concept as well as Seth Rollins as a babyface.

It is a shame that a perfectly decent undercard will be forgotten in favor of this mess.

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