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5 referees you didn't know had a wrestling background

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Drake Wuertz, former wrestler turned referee

Whether you love them or hate them, WWE referees play a crucial role in every match. Whether they make the audience cheer by performing a three-count for a fan favorite wrestler or they’re being booed because they miss a critical low blow made by a top heel, WWE referees can make or break a match.

They play out many other roles during matches such as helping wrestlers out and take instructions via management during a match via their ear piece.

What some people may not know is that some referees have had some sort of intimate history within the ropes, and have competed in matches themselves.

Here are 5 referees that you may not have known competed within the squared circle.

#5 Danny Davis

The heel referee, Danny Davis

In 1986, Danny Davis began his time as a full-time referee, favoring heels in the majority of matches he officiated, delivering fast counts and disqualifying faces for the most-minor of infractions.

This would lead to Gorilla Monsoon often asking on commentary how a mere referee could be as rich as Davis, insinuating that a number of bribes must have been accepted on Davis' part.

What some people may not realise is that Danny Davis actually began his career with the World Wrestling Federation in 1982. During this period he began splitting his time as a referee and as a wrestler, donning a mask and jobbing as Mr. X to many greats, including former WWF Champions Bruno Sammartino and Pedro Morales. 

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