5 ridiculous stipulation matches you didn't know about

  • Some of these contests are not for the faint of heart!
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Stipulations go out of hand sometimes, read on to find out how

Wrestling at its core is a simple form of entertainment. Two participants enter the ring and when one wrestler can successfully score a pinfall or a submission, a winner is declared. Easy enough, right? It sounds easy but that formula isn’t always enough to keep crowds entertained, so changes are inevitably made.

To spice things up every now and then, creative match stipulations have been developed. From bending the rules to allow for the use of all sorts of weaponry to agreeing to various outcomes based on who the victor is, a simple wrestling match can quickly become convoluted. 

Some of these stipulations can heighten the action and increase the drama, however, some of these can also push the show in very strange directions.

Scouring various promotions from across the globe, it doesn’t take long to find some downright ridiculous match stipulations throughout the history of this sport. Men diapering their opponents after they’ve lost to deathmatches, involving explosives inside unwanted orifices; people have thought up some wild matches. 

This article explores some of the absolute most ridiculous stipulations that most fans are probably unaware of, but be warned that much of the content matter might not be for the faint of heart. Fireworks in places that you would least expect and acts of crustacean cruelty lie ahead so consider yourself warned of the nature of this article.

First up on this list is a more lighthearted entry. It’s okay if you chuckle a little at this ridiculous stipulation...

#5 Silent match

Be very quiet! The loudest wrestler loses!

If there’s one promotion that can attempt a humorous match and actually pull it off, it is DDT. The rules to a Silent Match are simple; if a wrestler makes a loud noise then they are deducted one point. They have three points at the start of the match so when they make a loud noise three times, they lose the contest.

In the NOSAWA vs. Muscle Sakai Silent Match, the stipulation was apparently contagious because even the announcers called the match in a whisper. One of the more clever exploitations of the rules in this one was when Sakai used what appeared to be pepper and doused it into his opponent’s face. 


This resulted in sneezing, an obvious reason for a loss of a point. 

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