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5 Rivalries still left for John Cena in WWE 

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John Cena has emerged as one of the biggest names in the history of professional wrestling. He has been The Franchise for the past 15 years and has emerged as one of the greatest of all time in WWE history.

The 16-time World Champion has crossed paths with most of the Superstars who've performed for the promotion during his 15 years on the main roster. He has fought legends and future stars in his time with the company.

At times, one-off matches between most Superstars in the WWE transpire on a weekly basis—with performers who aren’t exactly involved in a storyline with one another, also facing off inside the ring in randomly booked matchups.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that the WWE and professional wrestling as a whole, works on carefully crafted feuds/rivalries which are played out over the course of several matches. These storylines feature two or more Superstars engaging in a battle for glory—with several elements of drama depicted in the storyline.

Speaking of which, the WWE roster is so very stacked that several dream feuds between top-tier Superstars often slip away without being booked. The current WWE roster boasts many big-name performers—a few of whom have never feuded with certain other Superstars.

On that note, John Cena—perhaps the WWE’s most consistent top Superstar over the past few decades—is yet to face a few marquee names on the current promotional roster. 

Cena has defeated many and lost to some. Regardless, there are still a few superstars left on the roster with whom he hasn't feuded over the course of his illustrious career.

Here are five superstars on the main roster whom John Cena hasn't feuded with yet--

#5 John Cena Vs Bobby Roode


Bobby Roode is a veteran in the pro-wrestling business. Before even being in the WWE, he made a name for himself in TNA (now--Impact Wrestling). In WWE, he was great on NXT and SmackDown, however his character hasn't quite clicked since his arrival on the main roster.

Roode presently is one of the most underrated WWE Superstars.

Many may not want this rivalry with Cena, given Roode's current standing in the WWE food chain. However, the rivalry would become interesting if Bobby Roode turns heel on Cena after attacking Cena much like a heel AJ Styles did in 2016.

Roode turning heel and attacking Cena--following which, the two having a decent feud, would most definitely help establish Roode as a legitimate top-tier Superstar in the WWE.

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