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5 Romantic Storylines Stephanie McMahon was involved in

Love, demonic ceremony, Halloween party, abduction...this piece has it all

The Boss’ Daughter has been the subject of much WWE affection

From the time we first saw Stephanie McMahon on screen, we knew there was something special about her. Not only was she (and still is) drop dead gorgeous, she has the McMahon genes and is not afraid to go on screen and push the envelope, all for the greater good of quality WWE television.

Even today, as Raw Commissioner, she plays the dreaded heel and remains a key performer on television. As one of the ‘girls’, she was often thrust into romantic storylines with the boys, and today we shall revisit some of them from her storied career (no pun intended). Here are 5 romantic storylines that The Boss’ daughter, Stephanie McMahon Helmsley played out on screen. 

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