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5 Rusev Actions On SmackDown Live That Prove He Is A True "Bulgarian Brute"

David Marquez
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Rusev solidified himself as a true Bulgarian Brute on SmackDown Live, as his actions spoke louder than words
Rusev solidified himself as a true Bulgarian Brute on SmackDown Live, as his actions spoke louder than words

Rusev, his wife Lana, and the couple's former friend Aiden English were all involved in a rather uncomfortable segment on this week's episode of SmackDown Live. The aforesaid segment was presented as "One Night In Milwaukee: With Aiden English", and saw the latter accuse Lana of being disloyal to Rusev.

Despite English presenting highly-volatile, possibly incriminating evidence which may have led many to believe that Lana had indeed cheated on Rusev on that fateful night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Rusev handled the situation like only someone of his tenacity can. This ongoing angle is undoubtedly one of the hottest happenings in the professional wrestling industry today, and is a storyline which has a ton of potential to be everything that a controversial one toeing the lines of the PG norms can.

Today, we are going to be looking at a few subtle yet hard-hitting actions on part of Rusev which prove that he truly is a "Bulgarian Brute"...Here's to discussing the most glaring one first...

#5 The Family

Despite Rusev trying his level best to hunt down the man who dared to disrespect his loving wife Lana on live television, the former failed to get a hold of the slippery customer that is Aiden English. Well, the night is still young, and as this risque storyline progresses, you can count on it that Rusev would surely get his hands on English more than once.

One of the core values in Bulgaria is that of the man of the family defending the honor of said family's members, including that of his wife. Now, with that in mind, it may not really come as a surprise to many that Rusev dug deep into his soul -- one of a pure, strong Bulgarian Brute -- to fire himself up and chase after his deceitful ex-ally English.

When talking about family values and the unadulterated bond of love that binds a Bulgarian household, Rusev is a shining example of the same -- defending the honor of his wife no matter how chaotic a situation he happens to find himself in...

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