5 scariest looking WWE wrestlers in history

He’s coming to getcha
Harry Kettle
Modified 26 May 2017
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One of the main appeals of professional wrestling is that it’s a larger than life sporting occasion. There’s athleticism, there’s drama, and there’s a whole lot of exaggeration that makes you feel like a kid again. There have been several characters over the years that have been, let’s say, outside the realms of possibility.

That’s not to say they weren’t convincing in their roles because if anything, their credibility is one of the main reasons why they find themselves on this list. As fans, we all remember the big baddy that we all hated growing up, and more often than not those villains came from the World Wrestling Federation as opposed to TV shows or movies.

It sounds harsh to consider striking fear into the hearts of children a success, but it’s an indication of how good these guys were in their roles. Every single competitor here has made an impact on the business, and you can never underestimate the marketability of a scary villain. Seriously, we were checking in our closets to make sure these guys weren’t in there.

So with all of that being said, here are the five scariest looking WWE wrestlers in history.

#5 The Boogeyman

Stop eating them worms!

He’s the Boogeyman, and he is indeed coming to get you. When the vignettes of this guy started to appear over a decade ago, many fans chose to laugh the character off and dismiss him before he’d even debuted. Whilst his run in the company wasn’t as successful as the company may have hoped, he certainly left a lasting impression.

The earthworm eating oddball was so unbelievably weird that his whole gimmick actually worked on a lot of fans. Plus, when he went on to return at the 2015 Royal Rumble he’d somehow succeeded in making his attire and face paint even scarier.

Say what you will about his in-ring abilities, but from a character standpoint, this worked.

Check out the man himself without the hideous makeup:

Hide your families.

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Published 25 May 2017
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