5 secrets Ronda Rousey told us about WWE in her revealing interview with Megan Olivi

Rohit Nath
Modified 13 May 2019
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#3. Revealed the difference between UFC and WWE; said she had the "easy route" in WWE

Ronda Rousey is the first-ever female UFC Hall of Fame inductee
Ronda Rousey is the first-ever female UFC Hall of Fame inductee

Ronda Rousey is one of the rare few who have big-time experience both at UFC and WWE. At UFC, she was the first woman to ever headline a PPV and is basically the reason why women continue to headline PPVs today.

A box office success, it poured onto WWE, where she competed at the highest level and ended up main eventing WrestleMania. Clearly, she knows the difference between the two. She stated that while UFC is far more physically stressful to the body, they're still allowed to take breaks in between fights.

With WWE, they're constantly on the road 300+ days a year, which makes it gurelling in itself. She also stated that she got the "easy" route in WWE, due to her somewhat part-time schedule.

It’s physical in a different way, the stress from fighting is much, much more. The training camp, the weeks leading up to it, the press, and going to sleep every night thinking about it. That’s the real wear and tear, not so much the physical part of it. With fights, you assume, ‘Okay, I’ll give myself at least a month to recover after that.’ It’s a peaking system, you allow yourself to peak and crash. With WWE it’s just a grind and it’s non-stop, I did the easy version, everybody else does 300 days a year. Their bodies don’t get to rest as much as ours in MMA, but their minds get to rest a lot more in MMA I feel like. There’s no pressure on anything.
Published 13 May 2019
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