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5 secrets you didn't know about hardcore spots in pro wrestling

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No matter how much the spots are designed to help out the wrestlers, that's still going to hurt

You're always going to have the doubters who believe that every single thing in professional wrestling is fake. While a great deal of it is scripted and predetermined, there is still so much that is real and needs to be taken seriously.

Everything those men and women do in the ring can be dangerous, and many of the bumps are real.

That danger is elevated even more when a hardcore or extreme stipulation is put into a match, but there are still ways to keep it safe.

#5 Tables

hardcore spots wrestling secrets tables
Get the tables!

The Dudley Boyz are synonymous with using tables in their matches, but they are far from the only people to put others through them. While it looks awesome and makes a great sound when superstars crash through them, they aren't taking the full brunt of the punishment that could come from it.

You're not going to find a dining room table being used in a wrestling match, and that means those being used are weaker. Not only are they made of thin (usually) plywood, but they are also scored and cut so they will break a bit easier upon impact.

Whether someone is getting slammed through one or speared through one set up in a corner, that table is not going to take a ton of force to break it. Wrestlers still need to be careful, though, as the metal legs and braces could do some big-time damage if hit wrong.

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