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5 sensational moves that can improve Monday Night RAW

Rimika Saini
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The creative team needs to deliver something surprising now

WWE is probably the most renowned professional wrestling companies in the wrestling industry. Vince McMahon has been able to attract millions of worldwide fans through his interesting business module and the nature of storytelling.

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However, the company's creative mindset has drastically altered, with the management focusing more on business than narrative.

Brand extensions were supposed to provide the creative team and the superstars with some more freedom and refreshing directions.

But, despite being such a global phenomenon, WWE has failed in their attempt to invoke anticipation among the fans for their recent PPV's.

Looking at how Backlash, Extreme Rules, and Money in the Bank transpired, there certainly seems to be a problem with the way stories are being advanced.

Monday Night Raw is producing the most stagnant stories in the company's history, with WWE repeating storylines on a weekly basis. This has definitely disappointed the fans, and the constant push of Roman Reigns will only drown his credibility to nothingness.

Considering that WWE's flagship show seems unlikely to redeem itself heading into SummerSlam, the company needs to entice the audience with some monumental alterations.

Here are the five sensational moves that can improve Monday Night Raw.


#5 Sasha Banks turns into the biggest heel and feuds with Ronda Rousey

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Raw deserves a better class of heels, and Sasha can give it to them

There's no denying that the company, despite promoting an all-out women's pay-per-view in October does not have any credibility in the women's division.

Monday Night Raw comprises of talent that are suffering the wrath of stale storylines, and most of the female wrestlers are directionless at the moment.

Ronda Rousey's sensational transition to the squared circle has garnered her tremendous appraisal, but the Rowdy One carries a moniker that is too hard to beat.

Her powerful agility and UFC success has certainly increased her stock within the women's division. So, there's no way Alexa Bliss would get past her at SummerSlam.

The only legitimate feud for Ronda Rousey could be Natalya, and that too seems to be a dreadful one. However, if there's any heel that can possibly carry a sensational program with Ronda Rousey is a heel Sasha Banks.

The Boss carries a strong personality and carries all the mannerisms that could indeed save the women's division on Monday Night Raw.

A storyline where Banks takes out her frustration on Bayley and rules her out with an injury could instantly propel the former NXT Champion to unprecedented heights.

This creative feud could help both the superstars who are struggling at the moment, and while Banks goes on to carry a believable program with Rousey, a returning Bayley at the Royal Rumble could further reignite the feud between her and Banks that seems absolutely dead at the moment.

With WWE constantly vowing to push the female talent to the top, a heel Sasha Banks is the kind of wrestler you need to save an entire show.

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