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5 shocking mid-carders who headlined WrestleMania

CM Punk never main evented a WrestleMania, but somehow these Superstars did!

Top 5 / Top 10 14 Mar 2017, 00:11 IST
WrestleMania has seen some surprising booking decisions

The WWE have always made a habit of handing the wrong Superstars crucial spots. In recent years, Roman Reigns has headlined two back to back WrestleManias, much to the anguish of the WWE Universe.

But believe it or not, the last two Manias weren't the first time that the WWE have handed an average performer the main event slot of WrestleMania. Several mid-card worthy talents have not only performed at the grandest stage of them all, but they've shockingly even gone on to headline it.

Decades later, we as fans can now see how bad a mistake these were and what Superstars are now truly worthy of such an acclaim. If CM Punk was never deemed good enough to main event the show of shows, it's a mystery as to how some of these names were able to.

Here are 5 mid-card talents who headlined WrestleMania.

#5 Sid Justice

Sid Justice posing in a WWE photoshoot
Sid Justice main evented two different WrestleManias

It's bad enough that Sid Justice got to main event WrestleMania 8, but it's diabolical that he main evented a second one.

The common denominator in most of the upcoming scenarios will be the presence of Hulk Hogan, the man literally carried this event on his back during the first decade of it. It's almost as if he was the main event and the WWE just decided to rotate the heels that he'd face.

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At WrestleMania 8, it was Sid's turn to get a cut of the pay cheque. What's funnier is that this match wasn't even for the WWE Championship. With the lack of prestige and importance apparent, the match went on to stink out the joint.

So what were the repercussions for Sid? Another WrestleMania main event five years down the line!

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