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5 shocking moments from Raw this week (25 February 2019)

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Are The Shield back together?
Are The Shield back together?

This week's episode of Monday Night Raw was nothing like you would have expected when anticipating this show, as WWE took some of the biggest rumors surrounding their Wrestlemania plans and twisted them in a way no one could have actually predicted.

From huge returns no one would have guessed, to heel turns we would have never seen coming even if it was right under our noses, WWE surprised fans this week on Raw by putting on an episode of Raw that didn't really leave fans regretting the three hours they spent watching this broadcast.

So the question is, was Raw a great show this week? Well, it was sort of in between, to be honest, as some moments truly made this show better than it was ever going to be, while other moments left fans thinking if we could get more of the great booking WWE showed glimpses of on this episode. But if there was one thing that wasn't short on this episode of Raw, it was the surprises, as they kept on coming.

#1 Lio Gets A Chance At The Big Time

An unexpected opportunity for the hype man.
An unexpected opportunity for the hype man.

When WWE brought Lio Rush on Raw from 205 Live, they did it with the intention of making Rush the official mouthpiece of Bobby Lashley; let's just say Lashley was not Samoa Joe on the mic. And for the most part, it worked to perfection, as Bobby improved so much as the silent powerhouse that kicked ass while his hypeman got the message across on the mic.

But since their miscommunication cost Bobby Lashley the IC Title at the Elimination Chamber 2019, Lashley parted ways with Rush, as he couldn't bear to be associated with the man that cost him his first major title in years.

Ever since then Rush has been trying hard to get the big man his IC Title back but to no avail. So this week on Raw, Rush decided to interrupt Finn Balor's interview with Alexa Bliss to ask Balor for another title shot for his boss Bobby Lashley.

Balor did the unexpected and didn't give the title shot to Bobby Lashley but to Rush instead. A back and forth match lead to Balor picking up the win as many predicted he would, but the case here was not Balor overcoming Rush, it was Rush getting his first singles opportunity for a major title in WWE.

While many may overlook it, it shows that WWE sees something in Rush, as he put on an excellent display against Balor, and almost became the new IC Champion. WWE having this much faith in Rush is surprising, as it may be a sign of a bright future for him on Raw.

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