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5 things other wrestlers revealed about The Undertaker 

Riju Dasgupta
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Across the years, wrestlers have revealed fascinating facts about The Dead Man
Across the years, wrestlers have revealed fascinating facts about The Undertaker

Nobody embodies the definition of sports entertainment quite like The Undertaker. One of the greatest Superstars to have ever stepped into the ring, The Undertaker is a man of mystique, of hushed whispers and of rumour, based on how closely he's guarded his persona over the years.

So much so, that most of the information that we have learned about the man has come from people who've worked with him backstage. His friends, his colleagues and his compatriots have built the image of a man who values the business above all else, who is a man devoted to WWE.

This is a compilation of some of those hushed whispers and stories, gathered in one place for your pleasure and benefit. Here are five revelations about a man who moves in mist and shadow, who is the embodiment of darkness and who is one of the few WWE Superstars who's beyond just that, and today is a part of pop culture as well.

#5 The Undertaker punished Shane McMahon during their match

As synonymous as Shane McMahon is with sports entertainment, he's a man who trains in actual combat sports. McMahon incorporates many stiff shots in his arsenal, and in the lead-up to their big match at WrestleMania, he hit The Undertaker with a really hard, stiff shot.

Apologetic, Shane McMahon went to the Gorilla position backstage and told The Undertaker that he was sorry. The Deadman assured Shane McMahon that one hard shot was coming his way, but a while from then.

Shane McMahon got his due during the match at WrestleMania 32 inside Hell in a Cell, and you should listen to McMahon's account of the incident, which you can find in the link posted above. As hilarious as it sounds, we're certain it must have been absolutely unbearable for Shane McMahon.

Moral of the story: do not mess with The Phenom or you will get hurt!

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