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5 Shocking Ways Kevin Owens Could Return To WWE And Save Monday Night Raw

Abid Khan
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The Prizefighter could be coming back a stronger heel

In what was a very predictable Monday Night Raw, WWE was able to gravitate tremendous attention from social media, particularly because of Kevin Owens' probable exit.

The Prizefighter delivered a fantastic performance against the Architect on Monday Night Raw but was unsuccessful in his attempt to walk out of Toronto as the Intercontinental Champion.

Judging by how things have transpired for the former Universal Champion, Kevin Owens quit and walked out of Monday Night Raw with a dejected face.

Since this could be an intriguing angle, Vince McMahon might be looking to have the Prizefighter return as a more vicious monster than he was in NXT.

The WWE Universe is certainly anticipated by how things fall over the next couple of weeks, but the company have been successful in diverting the fans' attention towards Kevin Owens.

So, without further ado, let's dive deep and predict the 5 shocking ways Kevin Owens could return and save WWE.

#1 Drops a pipebomb at Hell in a Cell and makes a statement by attacking Vince McMahon again

Is Kevin Owens destined to become the biggest heel on Raw?

After being buried on multiple occasions on Monday Night Raw through its terrible narrative, Kevin Owens' credibility is certainly depreciating at a rapid rate.


Despite being one of the most passionate performers in this industry, the former Universal Champion is having a hard time settling in, on WWE's flagship show.

Since there's a sure possibility that Vince McMahon likes Owens' anti-hero attitude, the Chairman could provide him with another massive opportunity to shake the entire core of the company.

While C.M. Punk became a sensation overnight through his pipebomb promo, Kevin Owens could follow the same footsteps and deliver something exceptional here.

Returning at Hell in a Cell and dragging Vince McMahon out of the backstage area and brutalizing him in the middle of the ring could change the entire reception around the Prizefighter.

There's no denying that the former Universal Champion deserves a monstrous push, and leaving the Chairman down unconscious could ascend Owens back to the top of the mountain.

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