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5 Signature products for WWE Superstars

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Stone Cold now makes beer

There are plenty of WWE Superstars for whom advertising particular products just makes sense. For instance, Stone Cold Steve Austin used beer in the ring for years as part of his rule-breaking Redneck persona, so it only made sense that he would come out with his own beer after he finished wrestling.

Stone Cold isn’t the only superstar that could do this, though. There are countless others who could have their own signature products, and here are five of the best from the current roster and recent history.


Booty-O’s already have quite a presence despite not being an actual cereal at this point.

This one is obvious, so it’s the perfect place to start. The New Day first mentioned Booty-O’s in a promo a while back and later started carrying a box of the fictitious cereal. At WrestleMania, they even entered through a giant Booty-O’s box, complete with extra-large cereal pieces.

But outside the storyline, the cereal doesn’t exist as of now, even though the box is used to ship New Day T-shirts. That could easily change, though, and it could be assumed that plenty of WWE fans would buy a few boxes for breakfast despite the awkward name.

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