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5 Signs WWE Is Shifting Towards More Controversial Content

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Published Jan 07, 2020
Jan 07, 2020 IST

Is WWE shifting towards edgier content?
Is WWE shifting towards edgier content?

Believe it or not, WWE could be heading into a golden era of Pro wrestling once again and a lot of that has to do with their renewed interesting in mature storytelling. It even seems to be silencing a large portion of the company's critics and bringing back Attitude Era fans, which is helping the company heading into WrestleMania season.

Of course, not everything WWE has done so far with the mature storytelling has been a hit, but that hasn't stopped them from trying. Whether that continues or not remains to be seen and will depend on what they come up with next, but it is pretty safe to say that WWE is starting to tackle some pretty serious subjects.

With that being said and more mature content finally coming into play again on WWE programming, here are five signs that they want to focus on more mature content going forward. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to tell us whether you think the company is shifting towards edgier content.

#5 Mature mini segments

WWE is upping their game when it comes to midcard content.
WWE is upping their game when it comes to midcard content.

It's no secret that seven hours of programming a week is a lot of time to fill and that's exactly why WWE sometimes has to resort to small scale storytelling. While this might seem annoying to some fans, especially since the payoffs are so small at times, it is a great way to transition between other segments.

It also allows other Superstars that the company isn't exactly high on at the moment a chance to showcase their talents and work themselves up the card. The problem with this is that most of the content was centered around juvenile type subjects that usually didn't get much interest.

Fortunately for WWE however, their ongoing battle of pushing the envelope has allowed them to use more mature subject matter and The Street Profits are a great example of that. In fact between blatant drug references, corny SNL skits and sometimes even mildly sexual content, it is proof that WWE is allowed to get edgier.

Another example of this was the storyline between Maria and Mike Kanellis late last year, which got fans laughing. Maybe that had to do with how Mike repeatedly got emasculated or how Maria walked around arrogantly as the first-ever pregnant 24/7 Title holder, but it was interesting content.

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