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5 storylines that prove the PG Era is not the problem for WWE

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When everybody believes
When everybody believes

WWE is not exactly in the best shape right now, from a purely creative standpoint, and fans have been calling for the end of the PG Era. Nostalgia has a pretty hefty value in wrestling, with lots of things being looked back fondly upon. There are many reasons why the product may or may not work, with one of the biggest concerns being creative freedom for the performers.

Back in the day, wrestlers had the ability to make their segments their own. That is what fans actually miss the most. It is the art of storytelling that stimulates wrestling and creates interest for the product, not the adult-only content.

However, that level of storytelling is not confined to the "good old days". Ever since WWE went PG, there have been numerous incredible storylines that kept crowds engaged for its entirety.

A big honourable mention must go out to NXT, which has remained extremely compelling throughout the past five years. While there are major differences between NXT and the main roster, the PG Era is not the problem. There are other barriers that may need to be examined, but a change to TV-14 is not the necessity that fans claim it is.

Here are five storylines that prove the PG Era is not the issue for WWE's recent creative blunders.

#5 The slow burn between Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens (2016-17)

How come my name's on this?
How come my name's on this?

The start of the second brand split in 2016 saw a rebirth of sorts, especially on Smackdown. Raw was decent enough as well, with the most compelling angle being the partnership between Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens.

When they got together for SummerSlam, nobody expected them to last longer than a month or two before somebody turned or the team fizzled out. However, the pair became the most entertaining act on the Red brand throughout Owens' Universal Championship reign. The break-up was teased many times, but WWE did not pull the trigger for months.

This left fans highly invested in the story. Jericho created the List, which became a staple throughout late 2016 and early 2017. Owens finally turned on his best friend when we least expected, at the perfectly executed Festival of Friendship.


It was one of the most heartbreaking moments in WWE that year. The payoff and follow-up were not perfect, but pretty much everything until WrestleMania 33 was. Other than Goldberg beating Owens in 20 seconds.

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