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5 WWE superstars and their phobias

Thomas Lowson
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We are in October, and there has been a definite change in the air. The days are getting shorter. Pumpkin Spice is back on our shelves, and people across the world are getting ready for Halloween.

With the season of the witch getting nearer, more and more people are buying costumes and prepping their houses, waiting for ghosts and ghouls and zombies to come knocking on their door.

But like us all, the Superstars of the WWE aren't immune to being afraid, with some of them admitting to having phobias against the most mundane of items.

Here are 5 WWE Superstars and the phobias they deal with.

#5 R-Truth - Cats

R-Truth is one of the wackiest characters in WWE history, with his zany Shenanigans being seen each week on SmackDown Live.

And whilst Truth is no stranger to facing opponents much bigger than him, he is afraid of something, much much smaller, cats.

This was revealed during an episode of Total Divas, which saw the former US Champion be un-invited to a party by Natalya, with the Canadian being the company's resident cat lady.

According to Truth, this fear developed when he was attacked by some cats as a child. Meow!


#4 Karl Anderson - Elevators

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The Club brother is known for his dominance inside the ring, and this is perhaps why the idea of being confined in a small elevator causes him to terror.

Speaking to WWE, the former Tag Champion said how his fear started whilst he was performing in Japan, and that anything from an elevator moving to slow, or not opening the doors immediately causes him to freak.

Anderson also said how Luke Gallows knows of the fear and isn't afraid (pun intended) to take advantage of it.

KA: I despise elevators.

LG: I’ll just jump up and down on the elevator a little bit every once and while."

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