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5 Superstars that can make 205 Live better

205 Live can transition into one of the main brands with these additions.

Top 5 / Top 10 16 Mar 2017, 17:33 IST
 Itami could be the next top acquisition of 205 Live

The Cruiserweight Classic tournament was a breath of fresh air as it featured various independent wrestlers from multiple countries who delivered high paced action and some excellent matches. Due to the brand split and CWC’s success, WWE decided to include a Cruiserweight Division on its flagship show, Monday Night Raw. 

Initially, the Cruiserweights were given small to average length slots on Raw as creative found it difficult to accommodate their segments alongside the main roster programs. Since the duration provided to the Cruiserweights on Monday nights was inadequate to develop characters and storylines, WWE decided to give the division its own show called 205 Live.

205 Live was announced as an exclusive show for the Cruiserweights that took place after the tapings of Smackdown Live in the same arena. Though CWC managed to garner more viewers than the critically acclaimed NXT, 205 Live failed to generate ratings from the very first episode itself. 

Some matches produced by 205 Live were better than the main brands' bouts but they still failed to excite the masses about their product.

205 Live helped establish independent wrestlers like Rich Swann, Jack Gallagher, Akira Tozawa, TJ Perkins, Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali and Noam Dar in regular WWE programming and provided much-needed story and character development. 

Though 205 Live is filled with talented Superstars, it has not been able to gather viewers and keep the audiences in their seats after the Smackdown episodes, resulting in half-empty arenas during their tapings.

The introduction of Neville to the division saved it from a premature death. He has been outstanding on the microphone and one of the most intriguing characters on the program. His involvement rejuvenated interest amongst fans and provided more depth to the 205 roster.

On Raw after Fastlane, Austin Aries announced that he intended to pursue the Cruiserweight belt after punching Neville in the face. Since Aries’ and Neville’s introduction to the 205 roster, crowds have become more vocal during the division’s matches and are also taking note of the other wrestlers in the division.

Such reactions from fans have signalled that all hope is not lost and 205 Live still has the potential to reach or even surpass the success of the Cruiserweight Classic. Since the involvement of the newcomers to the division has played a huge role in taking 205 Live to the next level, we have prepared a list of wrestlers that WWE can add to the existing Cruiserweight division to elevate it even further.

#1 Hideo Itami

Hideo Itami is ready to make his in-ring return

Formerly known as Kenta, Hideo Itami signed with WWE’s developmental territory NXT in July of 2014. He put on top notch performances consistently before getting laid off for more than a year with a shoulder injury. Before the injury, Itami took part in various matches with top talents in NXT but never got an opportunity to compete for the Championship.

Itami returned to television in August of 2016, where he defeated Sean Maluta and entered a program with Austin Aries. He was supposed to take part in Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic with Kota Ibushi but he found himself on the shelf once again with a neck injury. 

Since then we haven’t seen Itami but various reports have confirmed that he is fit to make his in-ring comeback. Itami recently appeared at an NXT event where he delivered a GTS to Riddick Moss

Hideo looks ready to make his main roster debut as he has spent almost three years in the Performance Center. The Japanese sensation could be a valuable addition to 205 Live as his in-ring prowess is top grade and his charisma is very unique. 

Though he gets a babyface reaction from the crowd, his move set seems a bit cocky and his personality seems smooth enough to make him the top heel of the Cruiserweight division. He could be a top name to challenge for the title and he can also lead some sort of Japanese invasion faction with Tozawa and Tajiri. 

Hideo Itami is my top pick from this lot to become an active member of 205 Live

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