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5 Superstars that seem to be losing momentum 

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Is Becky Lynch starting to lose momentum?
Is Becky Lynch starting to lose momentum?

It's no secret that there is a pecking order in WWE and while some Superstars are thriving up at the top, there are just as many superstars floundering towards the bottom. Of course, a lot of that pecking order has to do with what the fans want and what is generating income, but being at the bottom isn't good for one's career.

Although there is always an opportunity here and there to bounce back after some time on the bottom of the card, it has become noticeably harder to do so. In fact, between part-timers still getting television time and the company's reliance on established superstars, it almost seems impossible.

With that being said, and SummerSlam weekend now in the books, here are five Superstars that are starting to lose momentum. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below and tell us which Superstars you believe are starting to lose momemomentumer the SummerSlam pay per view.

#5 Cesaro

Hopefully, WWE will have something for Cesaro to do soon!
Hopefully, WWE will have something for Cesaro to do soon!

Doesn't it always seem like Cesaro gets the short end of the stick when it comes to how WWE books him? While no one was expecting to see The Swiss Cyborg lifted right up into the main title picture or even in a title picture, he certainly deserves something better than winning a few matches and then being used to put over NXT talent.

Unfortunately for Cesaro, he is now without Sheamus, which means he will most likely be a singles competitor for some time. Then again, maybe WWE will find something for him to do soon and might even find him a new tag team partner, but they need to at least do something with a guy that is so beloved by fans.

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