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5 Superstars that Shane McMahon should target next 

The next superstar McMahon could target is a huge deal.
The next superstar McMahon could target is a huge deal.
Modified 09 May 2019, 21:14 IST
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Does anyone else want o witness a tag team consisting of the best wrestler and ring announcer in the world? Because there must be loads of people out in the WWE Universe that are just yearning to see Greg Hamilton and Shane McMahon steam roll jobbers on a weekly basis.

In all honesty, Shane's entire gimmick of proclaiming himself as a conceited SOB that truly gives zero consideration about the fans feelings is good stuff from the creative team, as Shane's role in the company right now is truly beneficial to the roster, and while many would tend to disagree, there might be evidence to convince you.

Ever since Shane returned to the company in 2016 he has been involved some high profile clashes with AJ Styles, The Undertaker, and most recently The Miz, now, many would say the prodigal son has taken up more screen time than he actually deserves which is totally understandable, but over that time Shane has become an important part of the company.

McMahon and high profile matches go together like beans on toast, this is a combination we all know shouldn't work, but it just does. So here's the point, whoever Shane McMahon feuds with after he is done calling Miz's father Mr Potatoe Head, and trying to avenge his father's dignity by destroying Roman Reigns (the irony in these storylines is unreal), is truly vital as it could launch a young star's career.

#1 Aleister Black

Black vs McMahon doesn
Black vs McMahon doesn't sound all that great, but it could be narrative that excites.

Black was pegged by many to be the next Undertaker, and while the WWE Universe knows that there will never be a superstar on this planet that will ever fill the place of the phenom, it's interesting to note that people think that highly of a man that has not gotten a chance to run wild on the main roster.

Black is everything you want from a WWE superstar, he has a great unique look, he is deadly in the ring, and has a unique persona that will most likely be remembered if the creative team keeps it fresh, but the one thing Black does not have at the moment is a narrative to get him on the right track on Smackdown Live.

Now you might be thinking that Shane vs Black is a disaster waiting to happen, as McMahon can hold his own in the ring, but it's is to a certain extent, however, its not the match that makes this a must see fued, its the narrative.


Yes people, the story is important to the success of a programme in wrestling, as two guys doing one thousand superkicks means nothing if you don't care about the characters, and by having Shane go on tirade to inflate his ego as the best in the world, he might want to eliminate any potential threats that stand in his way.

This narrative could paint Black as a man that doesn't care for authority, as his aura cant be contained by the higher-ups, he is a man above the law in WWE, and in WWE the McMahons are the law. Therefore, conflict achieved.

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Published 09 May 2019, 21:14 IST
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