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5 Superstars that Shane McMahon should target next 

Modified 09 May 2019, 21:14 IST
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#2 Finn Balor

Balor needs to be thrust into the limelight.
Balor needs to be thrust into the limelight.

The one thing we all know about WWE is that it is uncertain, because what we witness today, we might not see tomorrow, and this is a notion that applies to Finn Balor, as Balor might be the IC Champion this week, but next week he could be buried in a second.

How many times we have seen the former leader of the Balor Club endure this fate? As it seems WWE isn't a big of the man that lit NJPW on fire, but in Balor's case, let's believe WWE has some faith in him. And at this very moment, Balor's booking on the blue brand has seen him been taken seriously by the higher-ups on Smackdown Live.

Who knows at Money in the Bank, Balor could even walk out of the event with the Money in the Bank briefcase, but let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet, as the prize Balor holds on his shoulder could be eyed by someone who did not expect.

In a journey to prove himself as the best in the world, Shane McMahon could go searching for a title, and while it would outrageous for WWE to send the boss' son into the main event, the IC Title seems like a good fit for him.

Shane vs Balor would honestly be the perfect programme to elevate Balor, as he so dearly needs a chance to bring out the aggression he has not shown since his NXT days, and while there are so many other stars on the roster that deserve a shot at the title, Shane could do something that hasn't been done in a long time.

Which is making the IC Title a popular again, because McMahon is a pay-per-view attraction, and even though many don't want to admit it, when Shane is competing you are craving to see what crazy stunt he pulls off this time. Its that type of attention the IC Title and Finn Balor need right now. Also, Finn feuding with Shane makes so much sense considering the fact that Vince McMahon held the former NXT Champion down ever since he returned from injury in 2017.

#3 Braun Strowman

Strowman is slowly falling off the rails.
Strowman is slowly falling off the rails.

Rumours have been going around that the reason why Braun Strowman will never be a top guy in the WWE is due to Vince McMahon seeing Strowman more like a mascot instead of a star that can take the company forward.

That is something that would take many by surprise, as Strowman is still considered one of the biggest stars in WWE at the moment even though he is being mishandled to an extreme extent. When you consider the big man's booking over the last few years these rumours start to line up and form the reason for Strowman's failures.

Even if Vince McMahon has seen the former Money in the Bank winner as some sort of utility player in his grander scheme of things, then Strowman should at least be given a chance to gain some momentum to be marketed as the company's go-to guy. And what better way to shine the light on the former Wyatt Family member than to pair him with Shane McMahon in a heated programme.

Now many of you might not see how a feud between an in prime Strowman and the 50-year-old McMahon family member could actually work out, but with Shane O Mac's recent activities causing a stir on Monday Night Raw, this could allow Strowman to cross paths with the prodigal son. A programme between the two would not be groundbreaking of any kind, but imagine the momentum Braun would get from being the man to stop Shane's tirade.

Published 09 May 2019, 21:14 IST
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