5 Superstars to watch out for at Super Show-Down

Super Show Down

WWE Super Show-Down is building up to be the most anticipated pay-per-view in recent memory, with fans anxious to see how the present storylines will play out at the mega event in Australia.

The WWE Creative Team deserve appreciation for crafting storylines that have kept the fans wholly engaged throughout the weeks leading up to Super Show-Down.

With Raw's latest episode still fresh in the fans' minds, a lot of focus will be on the Undertaker and Triple H's "last-ever" face-off. If rumours are to be believed, this match will set up either a feud between the Deadman and Triple H's best friend, Shawn Michaels, or a tag team contest between the Brothers of Destruction and D-Generation X.

Although Taker vs Triple H might be the card's biggest draw, other matches are equally important and all the superstars involved have something to prove. In this article, we take a look at 5 superstars to watch out for at the Super Show-Down.

5. AJ Styles

Who will win?
Styles will need to outdo Joe's mind games with his in-ring prowess

Although AJ Styles will start the match as the WWE Champion; in my opinion, he is still the underdog in this bout.

Styles and Joe might be equally matched when it comes to in-ring ability but the Samoan's mind games have significantly affected the champ's psychology heading into the match. And, with AJ unbalanced from Joe's invasion of his house, the latter has a genuine chance to dethrone the champion.

If AJ proves that he can overcome the psychological torment he has received from Joe, then he would rightfully solidify his place as the greatest champion in WWE today.

SmackDown may be "the house that AJ Styles built", but he still has more to prove than Samoa Joe at this PPV.

4. Becky Lynch

The Beginning of the End
Lynch must vanquish the Queen if she is to continue her title run

The SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch has a lot to prove in her match against multiple-time champion, Charlotte Flair.

Over recent weeks, Becky has beaten up Charlotte on every chance she has got. But in the latest episode of SmackDown, the Queen finally got one over on the Irish Lass Kicker as well.

Due to the recent beatdown the Irish champion suffered at the hands of Flair, fans have started questioning if Becky is genuinely as dominant as she portrays herself to be.

Becky needs a resounding victory in her match with Charlotte to silence her doubters and secure her place at the apex of SmackDown women's division.

3. The Miz

Must See
Miz has a lot at stake in his match against Daniel Bryan

The most must-see superstar in WWE goes into his PPV match versus Daniel Bryan in major lack of fans' confidence because they strongly believe that the resilient Daniel Bryan will emerge victorious and will then go on to compete for the WWE Championship in the near future.

With the odds stacked against Miz, he has an opportunity to silence all his detractors with a clean win against the 'Yes!' Man. If the Miz TV host successfully accomplishes this feat, it might pave the way for something unimaginable in the current scenario--a Daniel Bryan heel turn!

2. Ruby Riott

The New Baddest Woman on The Planet?
The New Baddest Woman on The Planet?

The leader of the Riott Squad may be the best pick in the six-woman tag team match scheduled between her team and the Bellas & Ronda Rousey.

Ruby Riott's bout against Raw Women's Champion Ronda Rousey on Raw this week was one of her best performances ever, and if Ruby is impresses again in Australia, she might get a title shot soon.

Ruby isn't the only one to look out for in this match as the Bella Twins are aiming to prove they have not gathered ring rust during their long hiatus from wrestling.

1. Dean Ambrose

Raw Is Ambrose
Ambrose has found great crowd reaction since his return

The Lunatic Fringe is arguably the most talked-about superstar heading into the Super Show-Down as the WWE Universe wonders whether he would turn on his brothers on that night.

As the only member of the Shield without a title around his waist, Ambrose has an obligation to remind his critics of his strengths.

Roman Reigns's interference during Dean Ambrose's match with Braun Strowman indicates that he does not believe that Ambrose can take care of his business by his own. If the Lunatic Fringe wants to dispel this illusion, he needs to pick up the win at Super Show-Down in an emphatic way.

One of the biggest twists that might happen at this PPV is obviously the heel turn of Dean Ambrose, but what would be more interesting to watch is his recruitment as the new Paul Heyman Guy.

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