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5 Superstars we hoped to see in the Royal Rumble Match

There were WWE superstars conspicuous by their absence in the 2018 Royal Rumble

Top 5 / Top 10 10 Feb 2018, 04:56 IST

The 2018 edition of the Royal Rumble
The 2018 edition of the Royal Rumble

This year's WWE Royal Rumble match was one of the better Royal Rumble matches we have seen over the last decade, with surprises and face-offs we haven't seen before, such as Finn and Nakamura, or Mysterio vs Reigns. There are only 30 spots in the match however and so there are always superstars who we expect to turn up but don't. The pop that any of these superstars would've gotten during their entrance would be nothing less than extraordinary.

#5 Samoa Joe

Joe is still out with a foot injury
Joe is still out with a foot injury

With Joe injuring his foot before the Rumble, it was expected that he made his return at any time around the PPV. With WWE calling out his injury and removal from the match seen as a smokescreen for his surprise entry, he was expected to continue his feud with John Cena heading into WrestleMania. Unfortunately, his injury seems more serious than first thought out to be and so requires more time to heal. It would have been great to see Joe in his first Rumble squaring off against the likes of Cena, Reigns, and Nakamura.

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