5 Superstars who can end Triple H's career

Triple H is reaching the end of his legendary run
Riju Dasgupta

Few people have had the career that Triple H has in the professional wrestling business. Moving from WCW to WWE, just before they hit their stride and began to overtake McMahon in the race for rating’s supremacy; and thereafter being buried in the infamous ‘MSG Curtain Call’, nobody believed that Triple H would last as long as he did.

But the fact remains that Triple H is still an active performer, with his elaborate entrances being an integral part of every single Wrestlemania. But even legends cannot go on forever, and we know that Triple H is reaching the end of what has been a Hall-Of-Fame worthy run in sports entertainment.

It’s known that Triple H thinks old school, and would put over an upcoming star in his last match. His close friend, the legendary vocalist of Motorhead - Lemmy used to joke about how he didn’t want to watch Triple H’s matches because he would lose them all.

In doing so, Triple H would put over younger talent on the biggest stage of them all and help them get the push they needed, for their own careers. We’ve shortlisted 5 names who would benefit from ending Triple H’s career.

#5 Brock Lesnar

The Beast is fast running out of opponents

Yes, we’ve seen this match before. But a career vs career match between probably the two biggest WWE superstars is something that will be big news indeed. It is quite certain that Lesnar has been on an undefeated streak of terror for a while now, which took a hit after Goldberg destroyed him at Survivor Series.

To garner even more monster heat, Lesnar could be the man to retire Triple H. We know that Paul Heyman will definitely be able to milk the program to best fit Lesnar’s career in the future. And considering that Lesnar too will probably lose to someone who needs the rub, an NXT superstar out to avenge his mentor Triple H could benefit from the result.

#4 Finn Balor

Nobody needs the push as much as Balor does

NXT holds a special place in the heart of Triple H because he built the brand from a developmental territory into a global sensation. And there’s no name that is more synonymous with NXT than Finn Balor is. Balor came into the main roster with a bang, becoming the first ever Universal Champion at Summerslam.

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But a freak injury at the hands of Seth Rollins would hurt his momentum immensely. Considering how short the attention span of most fans is, it is possible that some may have even forgotten about our beloved Demon King.

A program with Triple H, in which Balor ends Hunter’s career may be the shot in the arm that Balor needs to rise the ranks on Raw, one more time.

#4 AJ Styles

This could be a symbolic passing of the torch

With due apologies to Kurt Angle, nobody’s had a better first year in WWE than AJ Styles has. This is because the company sees a lot of potential in him- he's great in the ring, he can play both heel and babyface roles effortlessly and is someone who can carry the company on his back, for years to come, much like The King of Kings himself.

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A program between Triple H and AJ Styles is not something that the WWE Universe has seen before, and we’re sure that the excitement be off the charts if and when that happens. Triple H would love to pass the torch to someone as dependable as AJ Styles.

#2 Seth Rollins

This is the most likely scenario, in any case!

Seth Rollins does not really need the rub, as he is the top babyface on WWE’s flagship brand. But a battle of the pedigrees storyline is definitely going to come our way soon. Why did Triple H interfere in the Fatal Four-way match, to put the belt on Owens and cost his prodigy Rollins the title?

Triple H does not look like he has too many matches left in him, so his next match may be his last! Seth Rollins should be the man to retire Triple H with a pedigree of his own. Poetic justice.

#1 Shinsuke Nakamura

NXT’s hottest name should retire the man behind who built NXT

Shinsuke Nakamura is going to be a WWE Champion someday, as we know. He’s got the look, he’s got the skills and he definitely has the swag. All he needs is the right platform to propel his career. And what better opportunity to take his career to the next level than to retire an absolute legend in sports entertainment - The King of Kings?

The King of Strong style vs The King of Kings... that’s got a nice ring to it. Triple H would certainly lay down for someone he believes in. And we’re sure Nakamura is one such person.

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