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5 WWE Superstars who could appear on "The Electric Chair" next

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Who will take the chair next?
Who will take the chair next?

This week on Raw, WWE took the initiative once again to introduce a rather unique talk show segment called ‘The Electric Chair’. The segment involves a WWE Superstar giving "true and correct" answers to questions asked by the WWE Universe in attendance.

The first Superstar to ever take part in the segment was none other than the Underdog from the Underground Sami Zayn. Zayn felt like the best person to kick things off as he has always been a great worker on the mic, and makes many of his promos feel unscripted which helps engage the crowd.

Zayna also made the segment feel extremely controversial, as he mentioned AEW (All Elite Wrestling) in the segment. Whether it was scripted or not remains to be known, but the Superstar did an incredible job at making it feel impromptu.

This week, the official Twitter account of WWE posted “Who should take a seat next?”, and we felt obliged to answer.

Since the Electric Chair segment seems like the perfect place for heels, rather than faces, we have combined a list of five Superstars who could become a part of the segment in the weeks to come.

#5 Randy Orton

Randy Orton could make the segment seem much more legitimate
Randy Orton could make the segment seem much more legitimate

If WWE wants to make any title, segment, or show legit, then they need to ensure that Randy Orton becomes a part of it at least once. As one of the longest tenured employees in the company right now, Orton has made a unique name for himself which has allowed him to do whatever he wants without his value and stocks dipping in the company.

Making Randy Orton a part of the Electric Chair segment could give the fans a once in a lifetime chance to interact with arguably the best heel WWE has ever had. If WWE plans to use the segment with Orton in the coming week, they could also use it to build on Orton’s match with Triple H at Super ShowDown, which has not yet received any real build whatsoever.

No matter what the questions may be, it’ll be interesting to see how Orton uses the segment to his benefit just like he has done with everything else in WWE to date.

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