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5 Superstars who could be picked last in the 2019 WWE draft

Danny Hart
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8.63K   //    11 Oct 2019, 03:10 IST

Drake Maverick is obsessed with chasing the 24/7 Championship
Drake Maverick is obsessed with chasing the 24/7 Championship

After a hectic week of season premieres, the WWE Universe can now focus on the upcoming 2019 draft, which will begin on the October 11 episode of SmackDown and finish on the October 14 episode of RAW.

WWE has confirmed that every active member of the RAW and SmackDown rosters will be involved in the draft, meaning Superstars will be ranked from most wanted to least wanted.

If you take a quick scroll through your social media timelines, you will likely find WWE fans explaining why Becky Lynch, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins or “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt should be chosen as the #1 pick in the draft.

However, in this article, we want to take an alternative look at the roster changes by counting down five Superstars who could realistically be chosen as the last pick on RAW or SmackDown.

It has been announced that there will be separate Draft Pools for Friday's SmackDown and Monday's RAW, which means a Superstar will be picked last on both nights.

Disclaimer: Carmella and Heath Slater were involved in successful storylines based on their low positions in the 2016 draft, so this is by no means a list of WWE’s ‘worst’ Superstars. In fact, it’s the total opposite. Whoever gets picked last will likely be involved in a post-draft storyline!

#5 Mojo Rawley

In early 2019, WWE began releasing videos of RAW Superstars cutting promos in front of live audiences during commercial breaks.

One of the Superstars who often appeared in front of the crowd was Mojo Rawley, who has continued to feature in ‘RAW Exclusive’ videos on WWE’s YouTube channel throughout the year.


The problem, however, is that these promos have gotten Rawley’s new facepainted heel character absolutely nowhere, as he has only competed in one singles match – a victory over Apollo Crews in May – on RAW in the last 14 months.

Perhaps being the last pick in the draft could be the wake-up call that the former Hype Bro needs. After all, his RAW promos in front of a mirror earlier this year appeared to be about him being honest with himself and his failures in WWE, so maybe being chosen last could prompt a major change in his approach.

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