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5 Superstars who could be the next Paul Heyman Guy

Abid Khan
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The man with a vision
The man with a vision

Paul Heyman has an extraordinary vision for talent and there's no denying that his ability to approach and understand the business is unique. His eccentric personality and his way of promoting a superstar really puts a talent 'over' among the fans. There could be a definite possibility that 'the Beast Incarnate' could be on his way out after WrestleMania 34 and the company must use Heyman to the best of their abilities.

The future looks bright for WWE and putting an underrated talent with Paul Heyman could really elevate the superstar from a business stand point. Heyman increases the marketability of the superstar while elevating the product and that is what WWE must look forward to.

These are five superstars who should be the next Paul Heyman Guy.

#5 Pete Dunne

The Bruiserweight is making a name for himself

WWE understands the business aspect of promoting a superstar and in order to break new grounds in the United Kingdom, the company must elevate Pete Dunne as a potential threat to the main roster. There's no doubting that the man has potential and has displayed tremendous versatility inside the squared circle. His level of attitude and personality could work as a great fit for Paul Heyman who could make him money, just by his hard-hitting words.

Elevating Pete Dunne to the top is a necessity as far as long-term booking is concerned and considering that Heyman would love to build the future of this business, putting him with Pete could do wonders for him as a promoter.

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