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Predicting five superstars who could become WWE's highest earners in 2018 

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There are a number current WWE stars who could be destined for greatness in 2018
There are a number current WWE stars who could be destined for greatness in 2018

For the past few years, it seems that Brock Lesnar has been the highest earner in WWE with the likes of John Cena and Triple H hot on his heels. As a part-time star, it's incredible that Lesnar is earning more than five times what many of WWE's full-time stars are reported to be taking home.

Since it's being reported that Lesnar's contract comes to an end in April this year and it is unknown as to whether or not the current Universal Champion will be signing a new one, this opens a gap at the top of the list for another star to step up and become the biggest star in the company. John Cena's new part-time status should only help to push WWE to make a new full-time face of the company and there are a number of candidates for this position.

#5 Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens is poised to become a main star this year
Kevin Owens is poised to become the main star this year

Kevin Owens is one of the biggest stars on the SmackDown Live brand right now and his rivalry with Shane McMahon over the past few months has seemingly taken over the Tuesday night show. There are rumours that Owens has had a number of issues backstage that could be the reason why the company have never fully pulled the trigger when it comes to making him a main event star, but these issues could hopefully be behind him now.

His recent beatdown of Vince McMahon proved that he has the support of The Chairman of WWE, which means that there is nothing standing in his way when it comes to being the top heel in the company once Lesnar makes his departure official. Owens has never made it onto the top 10 highest paid wrestlers list in his career, so 2018 could be a huge year for the former Universal Champion.

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