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5 Superstars who deserve better booking after Summerslam

  • The Post Summerslam season usually brings a plethora of important. Should any of these be a part of them? You Bet.
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Modified 03 Aug 2018, 14:33 IST
Time for the Demon King to resurface again.
Time for the Demon King to resurface again.

Summerslam 2018 is now just a little over two weeks away, which means that a number of rivalries that have been going on in WWE in the post WrestleMania season will finally reach their closure in Brooklyn.

Even though WWE promotes Summerslam as the Second Biggest Event after WrestleMania, one can make a very strong argument that, if we take out the attendance and the prominence factor, Summerslam is as important to WWE as 'Mania when it come to presenting the best wrestling product to the fans.

Anyhow, this year's Summerslam will, hopefully, feature the final encounter between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, and will also bring an end to the disappointing storyline between Alexa Bliss and Ronda Rousey. The storylines on the Blue Brand, however, look destined to carry on beyond Summerslam, with AJ Styles and Samoa Joe fighting for the WWE Title and Charlotte-Becky reigniting their rivalry.

Since we will see a plenty of new rivalries ignite in the post Summerslam period, it would be nice to see some wrestlers some serious rivalries leading to the Survivor Series season. It is about time that they get their dues for the contributions, or horrendous booking maybe, that they gave for the company. These five superstars/teams, especially, deserve better booking after Summerslam to stay relevant in WWE.

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#5 Kevin Owens

After this spot, Kevin deserves to even defeat Brock Lesnar.
After this spot, Kevin deserves to defeat even Brock Lesnar.

2018 has not been so kind to WWE's Prize Fighter. After being a part of some of the most important rivalries on the Blue Brand throughout 2017, Kevin Owens stock started to take a drop just as we entered this year. Even though he was still involved in high profile feuds with the likes of Shane McMahon, AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan, he was on the losing end of each of them.


When it seemed that he might find his lost mojo upon his return to Monday Night Raw, he was booked into a feud with, of all people, Braun Strowman, and we all know how that has panned out so far. While the feud has been enjoyable in parts, it has been nothing but a showcase of Braun's power. All Kevin has done in this feud is get himself humiliated at every corner and act as Braun's rag doll.

Kevin Owens is a precious commodity who deserves to be treated one. After the stunt that Strowman performed on him at Extreme Rules, Owens deserves a high profile feud after Summerslam. Rumors are that he is scheduled to win the Money in the Bank briefcase from Braun at Summerslam, and feud with Roman Reigns in the future, which is exactly what he deserves now. In 1998, a fall in Pittsburgh changed Mick Foley's career. Now, 20 years later, it is time for another fall in Pittsburgh to change Kevin Owens' future.

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Published 03 Aug 2018, 14:33 IST
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