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5 superstars who need a face or heel turn

It's time to shake things up for these five superstars.

Top 5 / Top 10 10 Jan 2018, 17:57 IST

Make Roode Glorious Again
Make Roode Glorious Again

In professional wrestling, as we all know, you’ve got the babyfaces and you’ve got the heels. While there can sometimes be tweeners thrown in there every now and again, you often need a clear line in the sand between the two in order to really establish the characters involved in the weekly storylines.

Unfortunately for us, WWE seems to take their time when it comes to reverting a superstar back to the alignment that suits them best. Sometimes the journey that it takes them to get there makes the whole process more than worth it, but we’re a little tired of seeing the following five guys not being used to their full potential.

They’re still great performers, obviously, but there just seems to be something missing – and we feel as if a turn to either the light or dark side will allow them to reach that next level.

With that being said, here are our five superstars who need a face or heel turn. 

#5 Apollo Crews

A fully heel Apollo could work wonders for his momentum
A fully heel Apollo could work wonders for his momentum

There was a great deal of excitement in the air when Apollo Crews’ jump to WWE was confirmed a few years back, with many pointing towards his freakish athleticism when he was competing on the independent scene as Uhaa Nation. Since then, however, things haven’t quite worked out as many would’ve hoped.

Crews has been unable to make much of a splash on the main roster thus far, and while he’s been a heel for a brief amount of time, WWE would be smart to cash in on him and turn Apollo into the next Bo Dallas. He can smile and be overly happy all he wants, but he’ll still use heelish tactics in order to secure the win that he feels he deserves.

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