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5 WWE Superstars who should be the next honorary member of New Day

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The mere thought of this makes me happy
The mere thought of this makes me happy

Sometimes the WWE does things that make people like us travel to the imagination world within our own minds and fantasize about things that we would like to see.

That is exactly what happened when Kevin Owens joined the New Day as its honorary member in the absence of Big E. The ride was such a fun one that it made me wonder as to whether WWE should continue doing this.

I mean, Big E is going to be out injured for a while and that means that there would be a gap in the New Day – a faction that enjoying a lot of limelight since Kofi Kingston won the WWE Championship.

The New Day are going to be on SmackDown against next week and the might be without Big E. As a result, they have a chance to bring in a Superstar as an honorary and, in my opinion, given how popular the move was with Kevin Owens, they should do that and here are 5 possible candidates.

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#5 R-Truth

R-Truth is naturally hilarious
R-Truth is naturally hilarious

The most natural of all WWE Superstars to take the place of Big E on a temporary basis in the New Day is R-Truth. New Day has always been about fooling around and having fun.

They are about dancing, singing, twerking and whatnot, and R-Truth already does all those things without being in the New Day. He is perhaps the most hilarious singles competitor in the roster and adding Truth to New Day would give them an extra layer of hilarity.

However, the only drawback with adding Truth is that there would be no purpose to it. With Owens, many purposes could have been interpreted but the same can’t be said about R-Truth’s addition as he would just be a filler for another week.

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