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5 superstars who should have won the Royal Rumble

These five Superstars should have won the Royal Rumble at some stage during their illustrious careers.

2007 Royal Rumble poster

Historically, the Royal Rumble has created some of the most iconic moments in sports entertainment. In fact, the match has also kickstarted the careers of many WWE Superstars during its thirty-year history. Some competitors should have won the match, but instead, they were simply overlooked during this time.

Following its inception in 1988, not many could have expected the careers of many Superstars to have blossomed following victory at the Rumble down the years. Some winners are underserved, and more notably, some wrestlers should have been pushed during that period to claim success on the main event stage.

It's considered by many as their favourite pay-per-view event, and it's not difficult to see why, but the mistakes the company has made during the history of the event is evident to the average supporter of the business.

This weekend, the WWE Universe heads into the event looking back upon previous years wondering, what could have been? Victory in the Rumble would have either cemented their legacy even further or else given their career that main event push. 

Without further ado, here are five stars who should have won the Royal Rumble match.

#5 Mankind

Foley and Mr Socko

Mike Foley won everything in wrestling from achieving his dream of claiming the WWE title in 1999 and the first ever hardcore champion, but one honour that eluded Foley's illustrious career was the fact he was never considered a main event star until the final year of his stint as a full-time competitor.

As his rivalry with The Rock was intensifying in early 1999, surely allowing Mankind to win the Royal Rumble could have given him his deserved main event at Wrestlemania when he was so over with the fans.

Don't get me wrong. Wrestlemania XV produced one of, if not the best, main events of all-time, but a triple threat match including Mankind could have been much better for Foley - and the supporters - at that time. 

McMahon winning the event made little to no sense and only highlighted the ego of the boss even further. Instead of pretending to be something he wasn't (a wrestler), the Chairman of the board should have allowed Mankind claim victory. Oh, what could have been.....

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