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5 Superstars who should pick a fight with Aleister Black

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:15 IST

Black apparently wants someone to come to him for his first feud
Black apparently wants someone to come to him for his first feud

Aleister Black's main contributions to WWE ever since becoming a member of SmackDown have been the dark promos in which he says that the average person wouldn't really like who he is. He says that the society that we live in would condemn him and that we might not like some of the stories behind his many tattoos.

Even though it would be better to see 'the Dutch Destroyer' in action on the blue brand instead of in weekly promos, the promos are necessary to build his character. They started off great but need to have an end game in mind, and an end game that shows up on the horizon extremely soon.

In his latest promo, Black said that most of us probably want him to pick a fight with someone, setting in motion his first main-roster feud. But he ended it with saying that he's waiting for someone to pick a fight with him.

Since it seems like they are delving into some darker aspects of his character, he might be returning to in-ring action as a heel. Or perhaps he is simply walking the finest of lines between hero, anti-hero and vigilante.

A lot of what is in store for him will be revealed by who the first person is that he feuds with. If it's a face like Finn Balor or Ali, then he's clearly going to be a heel. If someone like Lars Sullivan or Kevin Owens does, he'll remain a face. Owens would make sense because he literally has the word 'fight' on his shirts, but he shouldn't be put in another feud that he would likely lose.

His first opponent will also give us a gauge as to how WWE will initially book him. Will a lower-card Superstar challenge him or will it be a mid-carder or main-event type wrestler? He wants someone to 'pick a fight with him', so here are five Superstars who should do just that.

#5 Ali

Ali has already shown that he
Ali has already shown that he's a 'never-say-die' babyface

While pitting two newer stars against each other will likely hurt the loser of the feud, Ali has already proven so much since joining SmackDown late last year. He's had matches with Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles. He has also battled the likes of Samoa Joe, Randy Orton and Andrade in tag team matches.

He recently picked up a win over Andrade after kicking out of finishes several times. It painted him as the type of faces that have been portrayed before by Bryan and Sami Zayn. He won't give up easily and has shown heart like Kofi Kingston has.


Since we know he has the intestinal fortitude to challenge anyone, it would make sense for Ali to be one of the first challenges for Black. Ali has routinely shown a great personality in his promos and has been shown to be someone who inspires people to chase their dreams.

If Black is returning as a heel, he could easily try to run down Ali on the mic, saying that his type of thinking only hurts people. It leads to people reaching for the sky only to get burned. If they wanted a positive antithesis to Black's dark mantras, Ali would be a good choice. He also wouldn't lose much if he lost to Black due to his willingness to fight to the end.

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Published 02 Jun 2019, 07:20 IST
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