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5 Superstars whose WWE careers were 'buried alive' by the Undertaker

Taking souls and digging holes, indeed

The Undertaker has laid to rest a number of careers in the WWE

Undertaker has earned the reputation of being the backstage godfather in the WWE, what with his eternity of faithful service to the company and the clout that he holds in the eyes of the powers that be. However, while he doesn’t indulge in quite as much power mongering or politickings like some others *cough* Triple H *cough*, he has been associated with the odd 'burial' here and there.

Whether it be due to the wrestler in question rubbing him the wrong way or because he had just been found guilty of toeing the proverbial line of conduct one too many times, the Undertaker has been known to take the law into his own hands and pass judgement when things come to a head.

Unlike in the Wrestler’s Court – of which the Undertaker was also the head honcho – these were WWE Superstars who had erred sufficiently for him to decide to completely kill off their WWE careers.


Diamond Dallas Page

The unveiling of DDP’s doom...

Perhaps it was the mistrust between WWE and WCW Superstars, more than anything, that contributed to DDP’s failure in the WWE but from all accounts, the Undertaker had a big hand in his run petering out.

DDP apparently was in the habit of going through his matches with his opponents meticulously before they actually worked them, but when he was booked in a program against the Undertaker, the Phenom took affront to this approach.

This resulted in DDP portraying a strange stalker-like character whose subject of interest was Undertaker’s former wife, Sara. Needless to say, the Deadman squashed him and no one could take DDP’s run in the WWE seriously after that.

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