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5 Superstars with most Royal Rumble eliminations in a single match

Aviral Shukla
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#4 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, 1997: 10 Eliminations

Austin waiting for the next entrant!
Austin waiting for the next entrant!

Steve Austin matched the record for most eliminations which was previously held by the Hulkster in the 1997 Rumble match.

At the 1996 King Of The Ring, “Austin 3:16” was born. It started to take off in late 1996 when Bret Hart came back to the WWF and had an awesome feud going with Austin.

This Rumble’s winner was supposed to face the world champion at WrestleMania, but that was a swerve because the finish of this match was in place to set up the last match between Bret and Austin.

Austin wasn’t the guy just yet, but this match really went a long way to make that happen. This was the first time Stone Cold would win the Royal Rumble as he now holds the record of most Rumble victories.

The Rumble was built around Austin eliminating a bunch of guys to be the only man in the ring and have an old rival come out to face him. 

At the time Austin was still a heel, but the seeds were being planted for his turn at that year's WrestleMania.

He eliminated ten men in this match and lasted forty-five minutes to win in controversial fashion as he was tossed over the top rope during the match by Bret but the officials never saw it as they were busy with a brawl going on outside of the ring.

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