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5 Superstars with the most Royal Rumble Match eliminations

Which Superstar has the most Royal Rumble eliminations? Here are the top five..

Hawk and Animal eliminating The Undertaker

Eliminations are what many fans consider the success story of each Royal Rumble. For example, in 2014, when Batista claimed victory in the match, it was relatively under shadowed by Roman Reigns who claimed the most scalps ever in a Rumble match. 

But which Superstar has eliminated the most competitors in the history of the match? The result will come as a shock to most of you, but not everyone. 

The event was established in 1988 to bring the Battle Royale back to the main event scene that was so successful during the 1970's and 1980's. Since then many Superstars career's have blossomed following their success in the event, and the majority haven't looked back.

In fact, modern day pantomime villain Roman Reigns' singles career exploded into life following the success of the match, and his record-breaking elimination total mentioned above. But who has taken the most scalps in the twenty-nine-year history of the event? Let's take a look at the top 3.

#5 The Big Show – 34 

Big Show and The Rock in 2000

Standing at 7ft tall and 500 pounds, it comes as no surprise to see Big Show in the top five. The monstrous giant has eliminated a total of 34 competitors in the Rumble match during his time in the company.

Show’s enormous stature and unbelievable frame have seen him become a Rumble legend – especially when he easily throws stars out of the match, much to the fans enjoyment. The pinnacle of Big Show’s Rumble career came at Madison Square Garden in 2000 when the WWE repeated the joint-winner angle of 1994 that saw controversy over who won the match.

The Rock and Show were the final two in the match before both men were eliminated at the same time, or apparently so. The Rock was confirmed the winner, but it was a false judgement, and the wrong winner was announced.

The Big Show may have become something of a jobber in recent years, but regardless of the stage, you can always guarantee Big Show looks as sharp as ever in the Rumble match. 

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