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5 Superstars WWE Raw needs right now

Raw is clocking some of the lowest ratings in history. These superstars can change things for the red brand.

As ratings continue to plummet, Raw needs mega-stars to boost ratings

There’s something about Monday Night Raw that isn’t quite clicking with the wrestling fan, anymore – casual or hardcore. Be it the fact that it’s a 3-hour show, or the fact that the content seems forced and inorganic when pitted against The Blue Brand – Smackdown Live, Monday Night Raw is often a chore to watch these days.

What it needs is a fresh dose of talent, to shake things up and get us hooked again. In an age where attention spans have dropped to a minimum, and there’s a lot of content to distract the mind, Monday Night Raw seriously needs a dose of adrenaline with these superstars, from the wrestling world and from outside the squared circle.

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