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5 Superstars who WWE should have pushed when the moment was right

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Many Superstars have been denied a major push in recent times

During the past few years, WWE has seen the rise of many superstars. While few of them are still at the top of the mountain, many of them are no more in the same limelight.

Their pushes were derailed either due to backstage politics or due to WWE thinking the moment just wasn't right.

However, as time turned out to be, those moments could have been the defining moment of these superstars career.

Here we look at five Superstars who just were denied the major push when they were at the peak of their career.

#5 Cesaro

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Cesaro is a one-time United States Champion and five-time WWE Tag Team Champion

Cesaro without a shadow of a doubt is the most consistent performer in the WWE since last seven years or so.

When Cesaro won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania XXX, it seemed The Swiss Cyborg will finally get his main event push.

The Cesaro Section was in full flow the following night as he was teamed with Paul Heyman. While this certainly meant bigger things for him, it turned out to be completely opposite.

Lack of proper feuds and Heyman bragging about Lesnar's accomplishments did Cesaro no good.


As a result, Cesaro was back to the mid-card. Cesaro then began a feud with Sheamus which would eventually lead them to form a tag team, now known as The Bar.

While the duo won the WWE Tag Team Championship four times, Cesaro definitely deserved bigger things.

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